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In case you're similar to me by any stretch of the imagination, you'd likely rather stay in bed than invest energy selecting an outfit each morning. I'll pick my old beat up Converse tennis shoes over a couple of foot rear areas quickly. I might be apathetic, but I still know the energy of a great outfit, and I want to look and feel my best! Here are a couple simple outfit thoughts that keep me looking stylish while letting me rest for a little bit longer every morning.

 sample t shirt


  1. Comfort is key.

Wear pieces that you feel comfortable in! You realize that top that you constantly need to adjust throughout the day? Those pants that never want to stay up? Cut those items out of your closet, and swap them out for pieces that fit well and work with your day to day plan.

 Daily Blouse

  1. Invest in basics.

Dark tights, white t-shirts, comfortable cardigans… stock up on the pieces that you can undoubtedly combine with the rest of your closet. You can invest more energy under the spreads than in your closet in the mornings if you have a bundle of super versatile pieces that run with anything!


  1. Express yourself with statement pieces.

Match fundamental sorts out, and zest up your outfit with fun statement pieces. Include some fun adornments that you absolutely love to flaunt your interesting style! One of my favorite style rules is the govern of three. Each outfit ought to have two foundation pieces (like a top and a few pants) and afterward the third sort to tie it hard and fast. Try to include an element of amazement in each outfit! A couple of insane hoops or a brilliant scarf can turn an extremely straightforward outfit into a total head-turner!


  1. Nail down a beauty routine.

Take care of yourself! Having a healthy skin, hair, and nails make any beauty routine a million times simpler. Establish a consistent beauty routine to influence things to go smoothly while getting prepared in the mornings.


  1. Be yourself!

Apathetic young lady style is tied in with feeling comfortable in what you're wearing, so ensure that you can express your identity through your clothes! If that you have a realistic tee that is your absolute favorite, or a couple of shoes that you'll never have the capacity to get free of, work those things into your day by day closet! These simple outfit thoughts enable you to feel your best in your clothes and let you flaunt the young lady wearing them!



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