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You may not know that men’s denim has different categories. Its not about ripped or regular denim only there are some more to get explored. If you don’t find the common denim your kind of thing then there are various options for you to choose from and find out the best jeans for you.

Denim types

  • Straight casual jeans- These are the most common one which probably you have seen from your childhood. Though some modifications have been done with this vintage style jeans the basic thing is the same. If you find simple jeans are the one you are comfortable with then please go for this.

  • Patchwork jeans- If you are finding something with crazy fashion. And not having the descent look at all then these patchwork jeans are for you. These types of denim come with different patches attached which makes it cool and pretty casual.

  • Ripped jeans- Innovation of these jeans has totally changed the thinking of wearing jeans. You can find large and small holes in these jeans. These jeans also come with different shades and these are also called hole jeans.

  • Printed jeans- You can find various attractive prints on the men’s denim as well. These printed jeans mostly come with grey, black, white in color but you may find different colors as well. Generally, these types of denim are casual fit to give you the perfect casual look. This type of denim has really grabbed the market of denim lovers with amazing prints.

  • Worn jeans- The type of jeans which comes with faded skin is known as worn jeans. You may find just worn jeans and also a torn jean which is faded. These jeans are found to be most preferred jeans for casual wear. Though jeans itself is a casual wear this type is the most popular one.


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