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Blazer is one of the most essential dress to wear at any season. Though previously it used to be used in winters or but nowadays you can find summer blazers as well. Let’s know about some of the trendy blazer styles which men can add to their fashion list.

Blue slim fit blazer- Such blazers are perfect for everyday use in light winters or you can say in Autumn and spring. This slim fit blazer looks great on people having lean physic.

Notched double collar blazer- If you won't wear a blazer with a look of a suit then you can go with this please having notched double collar with makes it look elegant. The shiny blue color also reflects lots of glamour.

Formal blazer with mini check- Checks are always found to be preferred by men. This blue blazer with the small check can be a perfect choice for your Monday fashion. You can also wear such blazer in any casual outing as well.

Solid color slim fit blazer- Grey is one of the loved color of men. They find it more manly color. This slim fit design with the amazing colors brings a perfect combination for the trendy men.

Chinese collar blazer- You can find different patterns of the collar for shirts and blazers, Chinese collars are one of such. The blazer with such collar brings a smarter look and also makes you look different.

Korean style blazer- Korean blazers have a different pattern which you can enjoy with this blazer following the pattern. This blazer also comes with an amazing color making it more attractive.

Stylish business blazer- If you are a business person and need fashionable blazers then you must go with such solid colour blazers. It comes with a perfect fit and enough comfort. The solid colour makes it more formal.  



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