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Wear a single pair of shoes and skirt pants all fried chicken! But the feeling of wearing a single shoe is very bad. What is the reason for wearing a single shoe root? How should I solve it? Let's see it together!

Why do you always drop the heel in a single shoe?

1. self-foot problems

Each of us has different parts and feet shape. It is possible to wear a single shoe and drop it easily because there is no heel problem. Too little fat in the heel also causes the wearing of single shoes to fall off easily, to determine if they have heels, and to see the radian of the heel is clear. If the radian is curved, there is a heel. If it is flatter, is it?

2. single shoes are too hard for themselves.

When we walk, we all move on the front foot, and we need a continuous process. If the soft single shoe is good, it will make an arc according to the foot dynamics when we walk. It is very suitable for the foot to drop roots. Hard single shoes are very easy to fall off and do not stick to the sole of the foot.

3. shoes are too big

Some girls' feet are really small. 34,35's feet are hard to buy. There is no way to buy shoes, but to buy shoes that are not suitable for their own feet. A single shoe is two yards bigger than your foot. It's easy to drop your roots, and some of them lose their roots. It's better to put something on the heel of the shoe, so it's not easy to drop it.

How to solve the single shoe and get rid of the root easily?

1. with foot pads

This is for the shoes too big friends to solve, we usually buy shoes ordinary sellers will send the front pads, shoes too big and unfit girls can be used to cushion! The heel is put on the back foot, and the choice of the foot of the cortex can prevent the feet from being worn out and solve the problem of too big shoes.

2. stuffed stockings

This is also the answer for friends who are too big for shoes. They can choose to put stockings in their shoes. The pointed shoes are the easiest to leave the gap in front. We can easily squeeze the shoes forward. We can solve the problem of putting the stockings in the toe of shoes.

3. shoes are too hard to take root?

Under such circumstances, you can only choose the material of single shoes. You'd better buy shoes with soft material, and soft leather shoes are more comfortable than grinding shoes. And if it is relatively hard leather material, it is generally harder and easier to grind feet. Without the heel, the younger sisters choose the right shoes and choose the right size, even if they do not have heels.

Well, I believe that you have always found a solution to the problem of wearing a single shoe, and we are here today. Thank you for your reading!


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